Rock Island, TN


We grow a wide variety
of shade and
ornamental trees
Our land is
rich with nutrients
needed for quality trees
We are a wholesale
tree nursery
in Middle Tennessee

Tree Farm Nursery

Terry Bouldin, owner & operator, is a second generation grower.
After working with his father for years, Terry opened Day Spring Nursery
in 2007 and continually provides quality plants, excellent customer service,
and all at an affordable price. Day Spring Nursery is a wholesale operation
and does not sell to the public.

If folks only knew how many hours of thinking, hours of digging, days of sunshine,
weeks of coaxing, oodles of headaches, pounds of fertilizer, bushels of rich dirt,
gallons of water and oodles of backaches it takes to produce a PRETTY PLANT,
they would gladly pay the price.

Wholesale Nursery

Trees Wholesale


We grow more than 80 varieties of trees. Our wide selection includes; shade trees, native hardwoods, fruit trees, and ornamental trees.

Shrubs Wholesale


We grow ornamental and deciduous shrubs for beautiful landscaping, natural privacy, foundation plantings, backdrops for gardens.

Evergreens Wholesale


Our evergreens trees include; Dark Green Arbovitae, Emerald Green Arbovitae, Techny Arbovitae, and Green Giant Arbovitae.

Tree Farm

Trees hold soil in place and planted strategically, they block wind and sun to save energy.

McMinnville Nursery

Planting fruit or nut trees provides fresh food as well as creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Rock Island Trees

Trees play a very important role in maintenance of local water cycles.

Tennessee Trees

Trees have been known to be useful for filtering sewage and chemicals from farms.